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For more information, quotes or any assistance we may be able to provide please contact Web Site Assist at:

Telephone - 703.402.8674
FAX - 801.858.8886

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4091 E Texas Rd
Allentown, PA 18103

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We do that!

  • Where can a business go to get easy to understand answers to those computer software issues?
  • How can we get MS Word to....
  • If I want MS Excel to ...
  • When I have my Access Database completed I want to ...
  • My PowerPoint presentation won't ...
  • I would like to be able to do some simple updates of my web site.

Web Site Assist® can help. We are familiar with most of the functions of many of the Microsoft Office software products and can act as a consultant/trainer for you or your staff to become more efficient in the use of these programs.

The biggest frustration expressed by our clients is that they do not want to spend $500 on a 3 day seminar for staff to learn software. Why? Because they cover so much and there is seldom a "feel" for practical applications. They need someone to help them address a project they wish to complete and need help and guidance.

And by being familiar enough with the software to be able to do that over the phone we can help keep costs down.
Our training staff has at least a Masters Degree in Education and over 17 years of software experience so we know how to communicate ideas in understandable terms. The best part is our rates are no more than our normal hourly rates.

We build web sites to look and function the way you wish them to look and function.

Visit our client's sites:

American Trade Policy Washington, DC
Bart S. Fisher Washington, DC
Capital Commodities LLC Great Falls, VA
Heritage in the Hills Farmington Hills, MI
Heritage Pines Cary, NC
J J & B, LLC Washington, DC
National Information Officers Association Knoxville, TN
Paper Petites Macungie, PA
Slippery Rock University Marching Rocket Alumni Slippery Rock, PA
Zeta Alpha Alumni Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity Slippery Rock, PA

Other past and current clients for whom we currently or have previously designed and/or consulted include:

  • Advertising Media Credit Executives
  • Albertine Enterprises
  • Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
  • American Council for Technology
  • American Flower Importers Association
  • American League of Lobbyists
  • American Horticultural Society
  • Association of Fraternity Advisors
  • Association of Health Insurance Agents
  • Center for Youth Empowerment
  • Centerspan
  • Chantilly National Golf and Country Club
  • Child & Family Home Based Therapeutic Program, Inc.
  • DRS Technical Services Inc.
  • Edington, Peel & Associates
  • Discount Pharmaceutical Suppliments
  • Employers Council on Flexible Compensation
  • Endeavour House
  • Family of Off Road Riders of Prince William County
  • Family Trauma Services
  • Federal Engineering
  • Federal Government Information Processing Council
  • Game Improvement Center
  • Global Timber Exchange
  • Golf Tour Trailer
  • Greater Washington Society of Clinical Social Workers
  • Helen Ross McNabb Center
  • Hungarian Medical Association of America
  • HSA Helper
  • HRA Helper
  • Industry Advisory Council
  • International Society of Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Interoperability Clearinghouse
  • iPrime Group
  • Jonathan Wentworth
  • King Family Chiropractors
  • Kiwanis International
  • Load and Go
  • Manufacturer Concrete Products Expo
  • Manycats
  • MedHQ
  • Meeting Planners International - Indiana
  • Milestone Mediation
  • Migrant and Refugee Cultural Support, Inc
  • Moneymentor.com
  • National Association of Credit Managers - North Carolina
  • National Association of Credit Managers - South Texas
  • National Center for Education Information
  • National Information Officers Association
  • National Panhellenic Conference
  • National Panhellenic Conference Foundation
  • NOVA Pain & Rehab Center
  • Omni Advisors, LLC
  • Pan Pacific Surgical Association
  • PeopleHelpers
  • Radnor Inc.
  • Ryan to the Rescue
  • Slippery Rock University Foundation
  • Sloper's Stitch House
  • Southern Container
  • Splash & Dash
  • US Homes
  • United States Junior Chamber Foundation
  • White Deer Run
  • Wittaker Homes
  • Ben Yamagata

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