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We offer 3 basic plans but can create a special plan that meets your needs.
In many cases, we can combine features and create a hybrid that is exactly right for your needs.

Sample Starter:

Starter is for those who expect to have a basic web site that is informational in nature and does not require a lot of bells and whistles (Though if it needs to grow it can be upgraded to Intermediate.) Monthly Fee $35.00

Sample Intermediate:

Intermediate is for those who hope to process forms on line, and would have a more advanced web site including blogging and database management. (Though if it needs to grow it can be upgraded to Advanced.) Monthly Fee $50.00

Sample Advanced:

Advanced is for those who expect to take advantage of the many opportunities available though services such as but not limited to eCommerce, Blogs, RSS Feeds and Podcasts and Photo galleries.  This provides the broadest coverage for any need you may have for a web site.Monthly Fee $80.00

Sample Starter Intermediate Advanced
Disk Space 5 GB 100 GB 200 GB
Monthly Data Transfer 250 GB Transfer 1,000 GB Transfer 2,000 GB Transfer
Email Accounts      
  Number of Addresses 500 1,000 2,000
  Disk Space Per Address 10 MB 10 MB 10 MB
  Light Webmail w/PDA
  Auto Responder
  Fraud, Virus & Spam Protection and Filtering
  Sender ID Spam Protection
  Email privacy and protection with 256-Bit Encryption
Databases 0  10 25
General Features      
  Site Statistics
  Firewall Protection
  SSL Certificate * *
  Forums * * *
  Blogging   * *
  Podcasts     *
  Photo Gallery    
Language Support      
  Server Side Includes (SSL)
  PHP4 or PHP5
  Perl w/FASTCGI

Bulletin Boards or Forums. We offer one of the most fully featured forum solutions available including portal features, forum features, user features, and moderator features. Portal is completely optional. News posts from assigned forums can be displayed on main portal entrance. Eight (8) built-in portal boxes including: Search, Who's Online, Newest Members, Public and Private Calendar, AJAX Shoutbox, Top Posts, Forum Statistics. All which can be placed and ordered in either column. Ten (10) fully customizable islands that support PHP or HTML including things like Google's Adsense. Option to display these islands in between posts.  Ten (10) Post islands that can display the most recent posts or topics from an admin-definable list of forums. Cached content to improve performance.

Social networking. The internet is about getting people and information in one place. The shape of the social network helps determine a network's usefulness to its individuals. Smaller, tighter networks can be less useful to their members than networks with many loose connections to individuals outside the main network. More "open" networks, with many weak ties and social connections, are more likely to introduce new ideas and opportunities to their members than closed networks with many redundant ties.  Call for a price.

* items available at additional cost
∞ basic stats are available but most people are looking for more than a basic summary

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