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Search Engines Optimization is the most over hyped
and under utilized tool on the internet.

You would not open a store on main street that did not have your company name and displays that promoted your product and then expect people to walk in the door.  As a matter of fact, without some work seldom will anyone ever walk in the door.

Websites are the same.  Search engines come to your site and look for content.  If you do not "talk about who you are and what you do" on your home page and related page the search engines will not list your site properly.We can work with you to make sure that all of the pieces of the design of your site are in place to enhance your listings with search engines.  We can also help you "get listed" with these search engines.

But remember this little story:  We once had a construction company "obsessed with needing to pay for search engine listings.. They were guaranteed to appear in the top 5% of listings in their related field.  We asked them to type "construction into Google.  There were 503,000,000 results for construction. Displayed in groups of 10 per page! To appear in the top 5% they would be guaranteed to be in the top 25,150,000 listings.  Most people do not go past the first page let alone through 2,515,000 pages at 10 per page. You need to be unique, specific and targeted in your approach to search engines.  We can help get you there. 

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